skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves with Integrated Wrist Wrap Support-Double Stitching for Extra Durability-Get Ripped with The Best Body Building Fitness and Exercise Accessories



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skott fitness brandskott fitness brand

The Evo 2 series by Skott is designed to help both professional and novice weightlifters achieve the best possible result and special attention was given to the assembly to ensure the best possible durability and comfort All Skott Fitness International products represent years of continuous engineering, refinement and technological evolution. We proudly design and produce exclusive fitness clothing and training accessories. Our product development experts have over thirty years of experience in designing and manufacturing sports equipment and training gear and our mission is to make every athlete better through design, quality, and innovation

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skott nemesis gym glovesskott nemesis gym gloves

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Skott nemesis full lengthSkott nemesis full length

Skott Nemesis ORIGINAL/STEALTH weight lifting gloves

This is how it all started. Skott Nemesis series introduced quality, durability, and amazing integrated features.

If your utmost concern is grip and protection, these gloves are for you. Regular and advanced workouts require a good pair of gloves, and the Skott Nemesis are the pair that promise to give you the ultimate confidence.

Skott Nemesis PRIMAL weight lifting gloves

The very popular variation of Skott Nemesis gloves, the “PRIMAL” model features the same quality, durability, and features as the original model but in a “light weight” version.

Our customer’s comment that these are worth the money and can handle various exercises like pull-ups, dumbbells, bench presses, and more with their durable construction and the right amount of padding.

Skott Nemesis FULL FINGER weight lifting gloves

Some people prefer full finger weightlifting gloves because the type of exercises they do, like heavy shrugs and deadlifts, can cause their finger tips to hurt from the contact with hanldes and bars. Full hand coverage design also limits the contact with commonly used surfaces and create a barrier with germs and bacteria.

EASY-OFF DESIGN: The Skott Barrage weightlifting gloves are designed with 4 pull-off tabs which make the removal process easier. In addition, these workout gloves have an elastic utility strap to prevent excessive stretching at the upper part of the gloves
MULTI-FUNCTION: The Skott Barrage workout gloves can be used indoor & outdoor as weightlifting gloves, training gloves, fitness gloves, lifting gloves, rowing gloves, kayaking gloves, cycling gloves, climbing gloves, sailing gloves by both male and female
COMFORT: Our exercise gloves are made with 4-way stretch fabric on the upper part of the glove for the best comfort and stretchability.
Buy With Confidence: The Skott always care about their customers to provide the finest quality work out gloves to make them brand loyal; If you are not happy or satisfied with our weightlifting gloves, please do not hesitate to get the replacement