Olee Sleep 14 inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat Anti-slip Support Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation Bed Frame Maximum Storage Noise Free, Black, Metal, Queen



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(as of Sep 05, 2023 17:33:48 UTC – Details)

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Olee Sleep black 14 inch Heavy Duty steel slat bed frame offers a simple but luxurious design which is also compatible for headboards. The anti-slip feature ensures a secure and stable connection between the bed frame and your mattress, eliminating slipping or wobbling. Created with heavy-duty steel and innovative design, the frame guarantees a quiet sleep experience while providing strong support and seamless assembly. Versatile in design, Olee Sleep’s frame is compatible with all mattress types, with or without a box spring.

Olee Sleep’s vision is to elevate sleep experience to new heights by incorporating proprietary technologies and innovative solutions that not only boast exceptional quality but also offer unique features.
[ Sturdy Frame ] – Reinforced high-quality materials that ensure both safety and durability, providing a strong and reliable support structure
[ No squicking noise ] – Adapted with precise design and technology, ensures no squeaking noise, while maintaining safety and durability
[ No box spring needed ] – Versatile design offers wide compatibility, accomodating any mattress type, with or without a box spring
[ Extra Storage ] – Enjoy spacious bed room with 13 inch additional storage beneath the frame for seasonal clothe, blanket
[ Holds Mattress Firmly ] – Special anti-slip frame design that locks the mattress firmly preventing mattress from any movement
[ Easy Assembly ] – Effortless self-assembly with included instruction manual, tools and parts for a hassle-free setup experience