Old Arcade Retro Classic Game Console, 621 different classic games + bonus games, Save game play, HDMI Connection, classic game play, Retro Game Play, Nostalgic Game Play. Advanced Gaming solution



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Product Description

Interested in a Retro Game Console? What features should i look for?

Retro Gaming with a modern twistRetro Gaming with a modern twist

Two Controllers Two Controllers


Save and download games Save and download games

Quality Gaming Brand

Many boxes offered are cheaply made. Old Arcade offers a quality Gaming system that goes through constant revisions based on your feedback.

Two Controllers

It seems strange to have to brag about offering you a game system with two controllers. You would think that would be standard. But at least one well known higher priced system only offers one controller and forces you to buy the second one. How do you play with your friends and family?

No repeat games!!

Games preloaded are neatly organized and do not repeat!! When you buy a system make sure it is not loaded with duplicate games. Its absolutely mind blowing to think that some game systems would repeat hundreds of games just to beef up the numbers in the listing.

Save and Download games

Many systems are preloaded and do not save your game play. Ours allow you to save game play by pushing the start and select buttons at the same time. left side picture above. This then brings up the menu you see on the right. You can also download your own games and we encourage you to to do so to support the hardworking game designers.

Old Arcade Advanced Gaming SolutionOld Arcade Advanced Gaming Solution

Advanced Gaming Solution


Loaded and tested with 621 Games. We’ve recently added over 150 additional games as we constantly strive to improve on what we built.

Advanced Solution to keep you and your family busy.

Save Game Play

Simply press the Select and Start buttons at the same time with the left controller to save game play.

Download and save your favorite games.

Simply go to your approved vendor site and download your favorite games in .nes Format and save to your system.

Two Controllers standard!! For Immediate two player play Four Button Controllers for improved play. HDMI cable improves picture and sound quality over the original design No batteries required . Simply plug in and play away Push select and start at the same time with the left controller to save game play. Download your favorite nes games from your favorite vendor and save to the user folder.

Easy to download your Favorite Games

Remove Sim card from the sim card holderRemove Sim card from the sim card holder

Insert into your sim card reader. Plug into an available usb slot on your PCInsert into your sim card reader. Plug into an available usb slot on your PC

download from your favorite site download from your favorite site


Remove sim card

Start by removing the sim card from the rear of the game console.

Load into card reader

Load into your sim card reader. Then insert into an available slot on your computer. Sim Card reader not supplied.

Download games

Download your games from your favorite site in an .nes file format.

Access in the user folder

Reinsert your sim card into the back of your game console. Restart the system. Downloaded games should then show up in you user folder.

Retro Gaming with a modern twistRetro Gaming with a modern twist

Preloaded with the 621 games shown on the packaging plus over 150 bonus games. Includes many of your favorite classic retro games. Easily connects with the provided HDMI cable. Please scroll down to the product guide section of this listing to view a pdf of games that have been pre-loaded.
Games are organized on the main menu by catagory type for easy surfing and selection. User folder provided for the games you download.
Experience gaming as it evolved in the early years of gaming. Graphics and game play is from that time and a little rougher then what you are used to in today’s world and thus very challenging.While the graphics of the original 80’s and 90’s games have its limits and can appear glitchy the HDMI cable and modern TV’s do improve the overall quality of the graphics.
No battery required. Push Select and start at same time with number 1 controller to activate save menu
Our Old Arcade Video Game Console is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a classic gaming experience.With its unbeatable value, this console is the perfect way to recapture the nostalgia of classic gaming.
Look for our bundle deal on this listing to bundle and save
Game list can be found by scrolling down this listing and looking for the user guide pdf approximately a third of the way down the listing.