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The Milwaukee Packout handle release pins are a crucial addition to your Packout System. Designed with durability and ease of use in mind, these handle release pins offer a convenient solution for quickly detaching and reattaching handles to your Packout Rolling Toolbox. With a sturdy construction and high-quality Stainless Steel materials, the Packout handle release pins ensure reliable performance and longevity. They feature a simple yet effective design that allows for effortless operation. When it’s time to detach the handle, a quick pull of the release pin allows for a smooth disengagement, enabling you to separate the handle from the Packout Rolling Toolbox. The handle release pins are designed to securely hold the handles in place, providing stability and reliability during transport or while on the job. When it’s time to reattach the handle, simply slide it back into position and release the pin to lock it firmly in place. Whether you’re organizing your tools, transporting equipment, or customizing your Packout system, the Milwaukee handle release pins are an essential accessory that ensures the flexibility and functionality of your Packout storage setup.
Quickly remove the handles off of your Packout Rolling Toolbox using our high quality 100% stainless steel Packout Handle Removal Pins
Our Handle Release Kit for the Milwaukee Packout can be installed in minutes using the supplied tools!
Our Packout Handle Pin Mod Kit comes with 2 x Packout Handle Pins, 1 x 5mm Drill Bit, and 1 x Threaded Bolt to Tap Holes!
Increase the versatility of your Packout System by adding our Packout Handle Removal Kit. Transport your Packout under truck bed covers, fit in smaller spaces, make your life easier!
Installation instructions are included in the kit to help you install our Packout Handle Quick Release Pins!