Lawn Aerator Coring Tool with Soil Core Storage Tray, Manual Yard Core Plug Aerators with 3 Sharp Tines & Clean Tool, 37.6” Garden Grass Aeration Lawn Tools for Gardening & Lawn Care, Compacted Soil



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lawn aeratorlawn aerator


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lawn aeratorlawn aerator

Lawn Aerator with Storage Tray

Manual Lawn Aerator Coring Tool with Soil Core Storage Tray & 3 Sharp Tines & Clean Tool, 37.6”


Manual Lawn Spike Aerator Tool

vanpein Lawn Aerator Spike Manual Tool with 15 Iron Spikes, Garden Grass Aeration Tools Soil Air Aerator Gardening Hand Tools

[3 Sharp Tines for Efficiently Aerating Lawn] Lawn plug aerators come with 3 sharpened hollow tines, the force of three tines act in the soil to the maximum extent. vanpein coring aerators require less effort to insert into compacted soil than semi-slotted hollow lawn aerators, which make aerating on the lawn smoother and more efficient. Easy to use and save energy for gardening. Make your lawn look better and refreshed.
[Come With Cleaning Tool, No blockage] vanpein yard plug aerator come with a cleaning tool to clean the soil plugs/small rocks out of tine holes. It helps to deal with clogging during garden aeration. In addition,this manual cleaning stick can be used for weeding. With vanpein newly lawn coring aerator tool & cleaning tool, it is more convenient for aeration and breath new life into your lawn.
[Sturdy & Durable Aerator Construction] Thickened lawn coring aerator is made of solid steel, heavy duty structure is durable & sturdy for aeration. 37.6 inch aerator tool allows you to aerate with ease and don’t need to strain much to bend forward. The foot pad provides extra leverage and effective push to loose up compacted soil. Padded handle provide enough grip and comfortable feeling of use. It allows you to get workout while aeration and is friendly to the environment.
[A Solution to Your Soil Compaction] Manual lawn core aerator helps to reduce soil compaction. It allows water, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate into plant roots more effectively and help plants grow better. Highly recommend watering the lawn before aeration for optimal results, which make it more easier to drive the aerator down to pull plugs out frequently. vanpein yard tool is ideal for your front and back yards, garden and bring your garden back to fresh life, grass is everywhere.