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…Ọja( (Oh-Jah), the Igbo talking Musical flute Instrument. The ability of the Ọja (flute) to communicate with an individual is significantly connected to spirituality. Believed to be the only African musical instrument that speaks to gods, calms down an angry spirit, and gives courage and strength to the weak. The Oja flute is an integral part of the rich cultural heritage of the Igbo people in the eastern part of Nigeria in West Africa. It continues to play a significant role in their musical traditions. The oja is a renowned African musical instrument in Igbo land cultural activities or events.
A flute skillfully carved from wood or bamboo, with three finger holes by the sides, cut into different shapes and lengths.
The oja, the Igbo flute, is held with both hands, blowing across its open top while covering and uncovering holes along the body, producing a mysterious but beautiful high-tone sound. It also played with other instruments such as the percussion, drum, bell, rattle, and gong.
The oja is an exquisite and portable musical instrument that is easy to transport and convenient to carry around.